Remote Monitoring in Meeting Attendance

You can use Meeting Attendance for iPhone to monitor kiosk attendance collection over a wi-fi connection on a nearby device that is also running Meeting Attendance. Both devices must be running version 2.5 or higher. The monitored kiosk can be running Meeting Attendance for iPad or iPhone. Make sure wi-fi is enabled on both devices.

On the device that you want to monitor, run Meeting Attendance and select the meeting you want to use for collecting attendance.

Then tap the Kiosk button and turn ON the option "Allow Remote Monitoring" before starting the kiosk.
Allow Remote Monitoring

The iPad will display a screen indicating that it is searching for a nearby monitor.
iPad Searching for Monitor

On the device you want to use as monitor, run Meeting Attendance for iPhone and tap the Monitor button.
Start the Monitor

An alert will appear on the monitored Kiosk asking you to accept the invitation from the monitoring device.
Monitor Process

Any existing attendance records for the meeting will be transferred to the monitoring device, and subsequent entries will transfer as they are entered.
Monitor Process

You can optionally save the transferred attendance records on the monitoring device. Make sure the Presenter's entry fields are configured the same on both devices if you want to save the monitored entries.
Save Entries

You can only connect one Monitor at a time to one remote Kiosk. Once a Presenter has connected a Monitor to a remote Kiosk, that Presenter is the only one that can reconnect to that particular Kiosk session. To connect a different Presenter or device to a remote Kiosk, the kiosk session must be restarted.

It is recommended that both the Kiosk and Monitor devices be set to Auto-Lock = Never in Settings > General. If either device auto-locks, iOS will disconnect the monitor session. When the locked device is unlocked, the monitor session will attempt to automatically reconnect, but there may be delays in doing so.