Meeting Attendance FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How does Meeting Attendance work?
A: Add a new meeting record, then start the kiosk to begin taking attendance. The app will present a series of brief entry forms to collect an attendance log. Each entry form has instructions to enter up to ten custom fields.
The resulting attendance records can be managed on the device, and exported to a comma-separated value file to be used externally.

Q: How do I customize a field?
A: Customize fields by tapping the Fields button. You can include up to ten attendance entry fields, and define each field type and placeholder text. Changes will apply to all meetings for a single presenter.

Q: Can each presenter have different entry fields?
A: Attendee entry fields are configured per presenter. Each presenter has his/her set of fields.
You can think of 'presenters' as a way to organize different sets of entry fields and meetings. Presenters can be named whatever is appropriate and it's easy to switch among them for different types of meetings.

Q: The system will not accept my password and I cannot exit Attendee Entry mode. What do I do?
A: If you enter an invalid password, the system remains in Attendee Entry mode. To re-gain access to the admin screen, force the app to close, then re-open the app. Then you can edit or remove the password. Here is Apple's support page describing how to restart an app.

Q: Does Meeting Attendance support other languages?
A: The app is English-only, but custom text in any language supported by iOS can be substituted for text presented to attendees during the entry process, including placeholder text, entry instructions, and screensaver exit instructions.

Q: Can I duplicate recurring meetings that have the same attendees?
A: To copy a meeting, tap the Copy button. You can choose to duplicate the meeting as-is, or change the details for the new meeting. You can also choose to include all or no attendees, or to mark all present or absent.

Q: Can I use my company's graphics in the app?
A: In Meeting Attendance for iPad, you can substitute your own images for the background and entry forms. Separate background images for portrait and landscape orientations are supported to allow optimal visibility of your company's graphics during attendance collection, especially while the keyboard is present.
You can also customize the appearance of the text that appears on the various forms, and change settings that affect the behavior of the app.
Meeting Attendance for iPhone allows for custom color settings for background and form text in kiosk mode.

Q. How can I scan a QR or barcode into an attendance entry field?
Select the Fields button, and then select any field you wish to configure for scanning. Turn ON the Barcode Assisted switch. This will cause a button to appear on the fields you have configured for scanning when you launch the Kiosk. Tapping the button will open the barcode scanner. Position the barcode near the device's rear camera so that it is centered on screen and parallel to the camera.
Once the code is captured, the entry field will be filled in with the data and control returned to the kiosk. You can still manually edit a field that is barcode assisted with the keyboard.
The following barcodes are currently supported: QR, PDF 417, UPC-E, Aztec, Code 39, Code 39 Mod 43, EAN-8, EAN-13, Code 93, and Code 128.

Q. How do I use the Remote Monitoring Feature?
A. You can use Meeting Attendance for iPhone to monitor kiosk attendance collection over a wi-fi connection on a nearby device that is also running Meeting Attendance. Both devices must be running version 2.5 or higher. The monitored kiosk can be running Meeting Attendance for iPad or iPhone. See this page for more details on using Remote Monitoring.

Q: How do I get the attendance log off the device?
A: The meeting and attendance records can be exported by the following methods to a CSV (comma-separated value) file format:

  • Email the file as an attachment
  • Open the file using other apps installed on the device that support CSV text files
  • Access the file in iTunes when connected to a computer
  • Access the file on iCloud Drive by logging into iCloud using your AppleID

Q: Can I keep the attendees from switching to other apps on my device?
A: Meeting Attendance has an optional feature to control exit from the Attendee Entry process. In addition, you can use the iOS Guided Access feature that restricts use to a single app. Read this post about how to implement guided access.

Q: Can I mark attendees absent or present?
A: To mark attendees present or absent, tap the Mark button.

Q: Is there a way to email attendees from the app?
A: Tap the Email button to send a mail message to a filtered list of attendees.

Q: Does it support portrait and landscape modes?
A: In Meeting Attendance for iPad, the display adjusts for all orientations. Meeting Attendance for iPhone supports only Portrait orientation.

Q: Why is the app not rotating when I turn my iPad?
A: Check your system settings to be sure you have Lock Rotation enabled for the side switch on the the device.

Q: Is there an iPhone version of Meeting Attendance?
A: Yes, find it on the iTunes App Store here.

Q: Is there an Android version of Meeting Attendance?
A: Currently, there is only an iOS version of the app.

Q: Is it compatible with iOS 8?
A: Meeting Attendance runs on iOS 8.1 or higher.