Using Guided Access With Our Apps

Using Apple's Guided Access feature creates a true kiosk-mode experience in both Meeting Attendance and Simple Form, restricting access to other apps, and disabling the hardware buttons. Following is an overview of utilizing Guided Access when you run these apps.

How to Enable Guided Access on your device

  • Open the Settings App on your iPad. Go to General >> Accessibility >> Guided Access.
  • Turn the Guided Access to On.

  • Set a passcode to be used with Guided Access mode.

Enabling Guided Access in Meeting Attendance or Simple Form

Now, the apps are ready to use Guided Access.

  • Open the Meeting Attendance or Simple Form app.
  • Triple-click the Home button.
  • Tap on Guided Access to enable the feature.

How to Exit Guided Access Mode

  • To end the Guided Access session, triple-click the Home button.
  • Tap the line item Guided Access on the Accessibility Options window.
  • Enter your passcode.

If you have Touch ID enabled, double tap the Home button instead of triple-tapping, then leave your finger on the Home button for a moment longer for Touch ID to unlock Guided Access.

Tap End to exit Guided Access mode.